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PJ Poet designs Art that is a collection of original photos and paintings chosen for both the beauty of the picture and the meaning of the words.  Each picture has words which can be read, and text that is embossed in Braille which makes the final piece, Braille Art, the Art you Touch. 

The idea to combine Art, Text and Braille in an art piece was created in 2008 by Patrick J. Fischer who also founded the Braille Mission.  This art is called Braille Art, the art you touch.  The full collection of Braille Art can be purchased at the link Art For Sale above which will redirect you to the Braille art website, or visit our on-line store at Braille Art.

With this new art, comes a new mission which is to take the proceeds (20 Percent of selling price for every piece sold) and give that to the Braille Guide Fund.  The Braille guide Fund helps to purchase equipment for individuals who want to pursue a career in transcribing text into braille.  Details are found at the Braille Mission website, www.BrailleMission.org.

PJ Poet is the pen name of Patrick J. Fischer whose poetry reflects his love for God, Family, Veterans, and Farmers. Patrick uses poetry in the art he makes, as well as in other designs including bible verses and patriotic sayings. The final piece of art comes mounted in a 10" x 8" frame, ready to be displayed on a table or hung on a wall.

Latest Art Work
PJ Poet has three separate collections of Art for sale; Bible Collection, Patriotic Collection and Poetry Collection.
Braille Art picture, John 3:16 Braille Art picture, American Price with eagle Braille Art picture, America's Wind Energy
Bible Collection
Patriotic Collection
Poetry Collection

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